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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Ultimate truth, the secret of the Universe unveiled.

During the course of the online discussion with FTI and Shri Sabhok there came the occasion wherein I have tried to unveil the secret of the Universe. It reads as follows......

Dear Sabhok,

I regret I got disheartened after a glimpse of ‘Discovery of freedom’ wherein I noticed few misinterpretations/misunderstanding about some issues of Indian philosophy and in this sense alone as ‘adharmic’ in nature. To start with I herein touch only one of the very very basic and fundamental secrete (?) to which you have referred to in the chapter ‘Creation, stardust and carbon’. It relates to the ultimate secret of the universe, its origin and its scientific revelation.

If I am not mistaken you ended with the hope on present day materialistic science to solve the ultimate secret of ‘Energy’ or ‘Universe’.

You also referred to ‘Advaita’, however ended with saying that such things raise more questions than they address without mentioning even a single question about the same.

“The comment here onwards is my own original version or interpretation and I do not pass the responsibility to any other even if I quote others”

Now find herewith the ultimate secret of the universe which is so implicit throughout the work of ‘Maharshi Veda Vyasa’ which the modern world is yet failing to understand for want of pure scientific and unending curiosity ironically for which it is so well known. I apologies for this principle (law) when revealed half (one of the two as mentioned in the following table) may cause havoc as well, as it is just like double edged sword. Hope you understand it to its core. It runs like this..

The ultimate principle: The following two halfs taken together constitute this principle.

Sl no First half (all items grouped under it are identical) Second half (all items grouped under this are identical) Remarks
1 Advaita Dvaita Work of Maharshi Veda Vyasa.(?)
2 Purusha (~male) Prakriti (~female) Similar sage or –do-
3 Shiva Shakti ,,
4 Brahman Maya ,,
7 Energy can never be created Nor it can ever be destroyed. The fundamental law of science.
8 Electric loop Magnetic field -do-; These are never separable, and one is the cause of the other. One is meaningless without the other.
Both these halfs together form a complete and give the universe its present form. The secret unveiled. These are two sides of the same coin which are never separable nor do they cross ever. . …

Explanation: (In the reverse order.)

1. When it is well known that energy can never be created it is utterly nonsense and meaningless even to make effort to account for the existing one. This proposition is very simple but very difficult to grasp and digest. It is purely scientific.

Because there can never be any explanation for the existing energy. To make simple – the things which do not have origin, they don’t actually exist.

As such is it ever possible for the science to account for the existing universe according to its own law? It is never.

The first fall out of the above principle is that the time and space, the two basic concepts exist relatively and are meaningless when talked absolutely. (If I am not mistaken Einsteins theory of relativity states the same. If not I apologies the same for mentioning his name and theory)

2. Similar reasoning holds good for the electric loop and magnetic field for it’s futile to find the origin of each in themselves. (my knowledge about these is limited. If contrary is true this example may be struck, it won’t make any difference upon the above principle)

3. Advaita School of philosophy states that Brahman is the ultimate truth. And Dvaita states that Maya is truth. The secret is that one is non-existent without the other. Tragedy is that both failed to understand the same independently except the work of ‘Maharshi Veda Vyasa’ who took both into account at a time in all his work including the Vedas- (He was not a writer of it only in the sense that existing energy can never be accounted for and hence its existence even before the existence of the universe--- be careful likely to get confused horribly. I can’t write everything for it may run too long)

Advaita states that Universe never existed as such hence the theory of creation as illustrated in various shastras is for the sake of ‘Common’ human beings. However you put up the theory of creation all hold equally good. It needs only to satisfy the common sense of the common man. Its purpose can’t be more than that.

Dvaita states that the common is a common. The principles of advaita are out of the scope of the commons. For theirs sake there must be origin or else only havoc will ensue. Hence the need to accept the Maya or the Existing Energy as the ultimate truth (purely for the sake of Human beings.)

Thus both schools are true at their individual level but by this time you may have understood that they are just two halves of the basic principle ‘ Energy can never be created nor it can ever be destroyed.’ And as such two sides of the same coin each being meaningless without the other.

4. Shiv-Parvati (Shakti) etc ( and it may include the entire Hindu tradition) are just two sides of the above depicted coin. Similar reasoning holds good for Prakriti-Purush and Brahman- Maya etc…….. Or alternatively the Shiv-ling which consists of two parts are actually consists of these two halve. The main linga indicates the “Advaita” and on which this linga is supported, the lower portion indicates the “Dvaita”. ..and Only in this sense this tradition is worth sustaining.

Gnani is a one who identifies himself with the above principle, the only truth. And as such he alone holds the authority to interpret or to establish the laws for the rest of the Human beings. You know only the scientist or technologist alone holds the authority to design the machine. None other is eligible to do the same. Others do by virtue of their knowledge can become a scientist or technologist, the thing is different. If this rule is broken only the distortion is outcome.

Therefore the Dharma is one which Gnani defines who takes into account the entire gamut of truth into account. And the other only follow it.

This comment is incomplete and will be resumed after your considered questions that may follow this. I am eager to know your doubts………at least, in the process, I may get rectified.

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