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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The recent comment on Dharma in response to the ongoing debate on Shantanus blog

Below is produced the original comment in full in response to the ongoing debate on Dharma over

Dear friends,

I wish this debate end with the enlightenment to the deserved ones [and may equal to God Krishna ?]

Dharma began in the ancient days, accomplished its goal to the extent possible, got distorted over the period of time (as if it were its virtue) and today it need to be re-established again in its pristine purity.

It means…,

Dharma is that set of rules which ultimately and anyhow (including apparently adharmic way-a great contradiction indeed but true) brings about the ultimate welfare (Kalyan) to the individual and the society (via- dharma-artha-kam-moksha etc)

The ultimate knowledge [Jnana] (e.g. assimilating the fact of Dvaita and Advaita as two sides of the same coin) ordains the man to be dharmic (as per individual Patrata-eligibility) because of his social nature. If man were unsocial animal nothing could have been emerged out.

Thus Dharma had its origin to the Jnana and nothing else. Only Jnani can say what is dharma and it is purely a relative term. Only the Jnana is absolute. Therefore as per place and time (Desh, Kal anusar) the sense of dharma and its meaning changes. Therefore we for the intellectuals who are a bit short of Jnana along with the rest of others the term Dharma is so confusing and contradictory.

Jnani is a one to whom nothing is a secret. Universe begins and dies with him and assumes the form he wishes. (don’t panic it’s purely scientific. Once you get enlightened as per above clue to Jnana, you are sure to experience the same). He alone knows the entire gamut of the human nature, his physical and mental impulses and taking into account the same he defines dharma and creates the power (king) to establish it and then king sustains himself by protecting the dharma.

That is why so long as the dharma is there the welfare of the society is guaranteed and the moment dharma vanishes society succumbs to the pain (dukha) and also causes the power (raj satta) to fail.

The meaning of dharma extends from negative extremity to positive extremity depending on desh, Kal and circumstances and from person to person. Traditions, dharmgranthas, Raj-dharma etc are a part of that Dharma which originated from the Jnana of the Jnani (Guru-e.g. Vyasa)

For Dharma,

            Hinsa- Ahinsa
            Adultery- Brahmacharya
            Corruption-non corruption
            Pap (sin) -Punya (good) …..and so……….

are APPARENTLY equal! (that is why its so confusing for the mandane man). Commitment of hinsa cannot be cited as adharma e.g. Swamis example in one of the above comments. Our Itihasa and scriptures are witness to this sort of Dharma. When the time comes to establish the Best Government as desired by FTI we may need to pass through all these (apparently) negative acts without hesitation and in keeping with the dharma (Welfare Policies- to be formulated).

But the great danger exists here. The veil man making use of these principles may engage himself in a virtually Adharmic acts which are detrimental to the society and individual. To avoid this danger the power to define the dharma between the above two extremities is given only to Jnanies and not even to Kings (the government, the power as is done today) because they are not eligible for the same as explained above.
That is why Jnana is limited only to Brahmans (not by birth but by karma) and not the rest. It is justified for this reason.

Therefore my friends we first need Jnanies who define Dharma (policies in todays context) and who create the power (the King, the government in todays context) and then we need the Kings (Political Leaders) who will run the government based on that Dharma (policies). That is my essence. Thus Politics base itself on the Dharma. How is it then that it can ever be separated from Dharma. Only in present days when there is a gross distortion of the Dharma and to avoid its misuse, talk of separating dharma from politics is being made. For this reason it can never be a lasting solution.

{          Here it is to be noted that in todays context the policies of the government should become the dharma of the society otherwise policy cannot be of any use. Of course at present the Indian Constitution (the Modern Dharma- which is a source of all the policies) lacks the ability to bring the intent of the dharma (i.e. Welfare of the entire society) the thing is entirely different and that is why this movement for better government is going on.  }

To be eligible for Jnani following pre-requisites are necessary.

The core (die hard) curiosity to know and understand the secret of the universe.

Past examples of such Jnani i.e. Krishna, Ram , Ved-Vyas.

It is not that the materialistic scientists alone are trying to solve the secrets of the universe. In principle, whatever discoveries and inventions are made it would be only infinitesimal part of the great secrete. (even though this is a fact materialistic sense of inquiry should never be discouraged. In Indian tradition the same materialistic curiosity was not upto the mark. We should regret it. It was due to the distortion of the Jnana and Dharma perhaps.)

In our philosophical treaties like Advaita and Dvaita, Bhagavat Geeta etc the above secret has been pointed out abundently long ago. But still these are only secrets and debate goes on about their meanings just like now. That is a tragedy.

It is the original thinking that alone can lead to this secret of Universe. If one tries to transfer the same most of it gets distorted and misplaced.

You see that secret is unveiled as above. But do we understand it? Perhaps we lack sense of curiosity to the core.

Please note that above comments cover almost the entire gamut of Human Life in few words (there is no alternative either. Dharma can never be understood by delinking it from the Jnana). So when read in haste can create lot of confusion.

For the sake of Dharma please comment.

Dear Shantanu,

 The subject of Jnana is so vital and fundamental that it may need separate blog for discussion. Without this however discussions, debate are made about the dharma, politics, morale …..etc which are all the products of the Jnana alone can never bear the desired and long lasting fruits. How do you think?


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